About Us
Today's farm is currently owned by Ann Payne, wife of the late Papa Sam. It is managed by their daughter, Carla.  The farm, which is located on Salem Road in Calhoun, (main location) was originally purchased in 1945 by Sam's father, Oscar Payne.  Throughout time, the family has raised and produced  hogs, cattle, horses, sheep, goats, soybeans, cotton, corn,  and a variety of produce on the existing farm.

Several years ago, the family started selling produce under a shade tree at the old house which was located on Highway 41.   For those of you who visited us then, you will remember Mother Payne - Sam's mother, Ruth.  She would sit out at the stand talking to everyone while remembering the good old days, making a sale, and working up produce.  Since then, we moved down Highway 41 a bit to the Bennett's old store and then a temporary stand on Salem Road.  Finally we've settled into the current location a permanent stand just off Hwy 41 onto Salem Road.  We are very proud of our produce stand and all the history that is inside the building.  

Although the location of the stand has changed over the years, the basic standards of the farm have remained the same.  We provide fresh quality produce to our customer in a friendly family atmosphere.  We strive to grow the produce we sell from our farm - therefore the majority of our produce is raised on our farm.  However, if we do bring in produce to our stand, we purchase produce from fellow farmers and not from high yield markets where quantity comes before quality.